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Dual Capacity Bag Filter And Basket Strainer Extra capacity at higher flow rates! Rosedale dual capacity housings can serve as either basket strainers or bag filters. Covers are easily removed, without tools, and the basket or bag is quickly and easily cleaned or replaced. Rosedale’s bag-sized p Product Details
Duplex Bag Filters And Basket Strainers Trouble free, continuous operation Duplex filters permit continuous operation, reducing overall operating costs. Flow can be switched back and forth between two filter vessels or housings, allowing one side to be serviced while the other is in use. Product Details
Model 8 Basket Strainer and Bag Filters Model 8 strainer/filter housings are made in 2 sizes and 2 pressure ratings, and can serve as basket strainers (for particle retention down to 74 micron size) or as bag filters (for particle retention down to 1 micron size). In all cases, covers are easil Product Details
The All Plastic Polypro Model 8 Excellent for use in pure, ultra-pure, and corrosive applications Rosedale’s Generation ll polypropylene filter housings incorporate a unique one piece, seamless body that handles flows to 100 gpm. It is rated to 100 psi at 150°F, and offers excellent Product Details

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